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Reliable Home Repair Prices Lander WY

How to Choose the Right Home Repair Service near Lander Wyoming

local Lander WY handyman contractorsFinding a handyman near Lander WY can be an affordable alternative to completing various home repair or maintenance projects yourself that you have been avoiding.  With time consuming work and family responsibilities, it may be difficult to complete your list of home repairs, which can have a negative impact on home maintenance.  A Lander handyman is typically less expensive than licensed contractors who work in one area exclusively, such as plumbers or electricians.  And with their broad and extensive experience, they can eliminate costly mistakes you may make when installing a washing machine, replacing a garbage disposal, or putting in kitchen tiling yourself.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to hire someone to do the job correctly after you have made a mess of it!  Also, it can end up being more costly than if you had hired a professional to begin with.   So, if you are thinking of doing some home improvements or fixing something either in the house or outdoors, consider the advantages of hiring a professional handyman instead.

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Why Hire a Handyman Instead?

Lander WY handymanSometimes it is best to leave it to the experts when considering home maintenance or repair, particularly when it involves a more complex project.  A qualified and experienced Lander WY handyman can not only get the job done fast but do it right the first time, saving you frustration and time for other obligations.  Oh, and also save you money.  But what are the benefits of hiring a handyman compared to other options, such as hiring a plumber,a carpenter or an electrician?  Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that it makes sense to utilize handyman services for your next home project.

  • Charge by the hour. Most handymen in Lander WY charge by the hour and not by the job.  This means that you only pay for the time spent doing actual work and not pre-set service charges plus additional costs that could far exceed what a handyman charges.   They also tend to have lower overhead and no employees, so they can charge less than a typical plumber or electrician.
  • Can handle several projects. Perhaps you have a faucet that needs replacing, an outlet that needs to be changed out, and a bedroom that needs to be painted.  Instead of trying to find and coordinate with a reliable Lander WY plumber, electrician and painter, an experienced handyman can handle all of those projects.
  • Save money on materials. When you hire a contractor, generally they supply the materials at a mark-up.  When working with a handyman, you supply the materials, saving you money.  And often an experienced handyman has connections that they have established with Lander WY vendors offering them discounts that they can pass on to their customers.
  • The Go-To person for all home repair projects. The great thing about having the phone number for an experienced Lander WY professional handyman is that you don’t have to think about who to call when the toilet leaks or the ceiling fan stops working.  You just call your guy (or gal) and they come over and take care of the problem.  And if the job is a little more involved than they can handle, they can usually recommend a “specialist” to take care of your more advanced plumbing, electrical or HVAC needs.

Is Hiring a Handyman the Right Choice For You?

We all have home repair or replacement projects that we keep putting off that a qualified Lander WY handyman could take care of quickly and at a cost that is very reasonable and affordable.  So you no doubt agree that its more cost effective to have the project done once and right the first time by hiring a seasoned pro. Many handymen are skilled in several areas such as:

  • Door repair and installation
  • Drywall repair and installation
  • Painting and Plastering
  • Window repair or replacement
  • Minor plumbing or electrical services
  • Carpentry or Roof repair
  • Flooring installation and repair
  • Any general home repair, replacement or improvement

Steps to Hiring a Handyman

Lander WY handyman painterBeing comfortable with and having confidence in your Lander WY handyman is extremely important, especially since he or she will be working in your home or place of business.  The last thing that you want to do is hire someone who does not have the skills required to complete the project professionally or that will charge you more than the agreed upon price.  You also want someone who will stand behind his work.  So be sure to do your due diligence and follow these hiring guidelines when selecting and hiring your handyman.

  • Interview several prospects. As the song goes, you better shop around.  Be sure to speak with 3 or 4 candidates before making a selection.  Referral services, such as the one recommended on this website, can do the groundwork for you by providing pre-screened Lander WY handymen.  Be sure to ask about their experience, areas of expertise and rates.
  • Clearly define the project. Make sure your prospective handyman understands the scope and all details of the project.  It is important to make sure that it is within the range of his or her expertise and experience and not more appropriate for a licensed Lander WY contractor.
  • Ask for references. Get references from recent Lander WY customers who have used the handyman’s services, for similar projects if available.  Ask if they were completely satisfied with the work performed as well as the cost of services.  Also ask if they would hire the handyman again for future projects.
  • Get Agreement and Guarantee in writing. Make sure the terms are spelled out in writing, to include all fees involved and any guarantees for workmanship.  Since you are paying by the hour it is not as critical to get the exact project cost up front, especially for small jobs.  But there needs to be a formal understanding regarding hourly rate and if the Lander WY handyman stands behind his work.  And for longer projects, a start and completion date, along with estimated billed hours should be spelled out in writing before work begins.

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Reliable Home Repair Prices Lander WY

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    Lander, Wyoming

    Lander is a city in Wyoming, United States, and the county seat of Fremont County. Named for transcontinental explorer Frederick W. Lander,[7] Lander is located in central Wyoming, along the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River. A tourism center with several guest ranches nearby, Lander is located just south of the Wind River Indian Reservation. The population was 7,487 at the 2010 census.

    Lander was known as Pushroot, Old Camp Brown,[8][dubious – discuss] and Fort Augur prior to its current name. The name Lander was chosen to honor General Frederick W. Lander, a famous transcontinental explorer who surveyed the Oregon Trail's Lander Cutoff.[9]

    The town’s site was originally part of the Wind River Indian Reservation in accordance with the Fort Bridger Treaty of 1868 which set the reservation border near the Sweetwater River.[10]This created problems due to the increasing number of white settlers in the area. By the early 1870s, reports of settlers illegally living on the reservation north of Miner's Delight were on the rise.[10] At the time, the U.S. Government had also received information stating most mineral rich and fertile land east of the Wind River Mountains was on the reservation.[10] As a result, in 1872 Congress authorized a delegation to meet with the elders of the Shoshone, including Chief Washakie to negotiate the trade or purchase of lands south of the North Fork of the Popo Agie River.[10] After several meetings at Camp Stambaugh in the summer of 1872, the Shoshone agreed to sell the southern part of the reservation to the U.S. for $25,000, $5,000 in stock cattle and a five-year annual salary of $500 to Chief Washakie.[10] The next year in 1873 The Jones Expedition further explored and documented the area that would eventually become Lander while finding a route to Yellowstone National Park.[11] The expedition documents everything from hot springs to oil reserves and hieroglyphs in the area.[11] Several miles southeast of town near present-day U.S. Route 287 is the site of Wyoming's first oil well, circa 1884.[12] The town was incorporated on July 17th, 1890[13].



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